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Bathroom plumbing made to look easy

Have all the fittings that complement your design

For your radiators, toilets, taps and showers

You can depend on us for a number of services

Are you looking for a new design to change the appearance of your bathroom? Would you like a new shower head to enjoy a more powerful wash in the mornings? Or perhaps you'd like a new toilet installed in your new cloak room? Whatever bathroom accessories you need in Blackheath, we'll have what you're after.

Do you need repairs to your fittings?

Due to the environment they're in, your appliances need ongoing care to ensure that they remain in peak health. Limescale can build up on your shower head and taps, and reduce their effectiveness. We can provide the repairs they need to keep them working properly and the advice on how to remain on top of their cleaning.

You can rely on us for


• Bathroom plumbing

• Bathroom accessories

• Installation and repairs

• Shower head fittings and replacements

• Tap cleaning and replacements

• Toilet maintenance

• Radiator replacements and more

spare bathroom taps, shower head and piping

Keep the appliances in your bathroom in working order.

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